Instagram is the most used application for image sharing, it is an application available on smartphones (Android and iOS), this application which is connected to the web, was bought by the Facebook site in 2012 for a sum of billion dollars, we know is expensive but it’s worth it. This very application is used by millions of fans all over the world.

As a public figure or an individual, for you to reach thousands and millions of fans/friends on this particular social network, you must first create an account.

The account creation is simply free, and you can do this from your mobile device or from a computer.

To create an Instagram account you have only one method to go through. You must download the application on your Smartphone first.

If you are using an iPhone device, sign in your App Store account then download the free Instagram application.

If you use an Android Smartphone (Galaxy, HTC or other) go to Play Store and download the Instagram app.

Open the Instagram application, click on “register”. You must then fill in the information requested in the form.

If you sign up with your mobile number or email. Both take the same process.

1. Enter an email address Or Mobile Number. You must enter an email address or mobile number you will always use to login to your account. Make sure the email or mobile number you use is the one you have access to. Know that you can also skip the email or Mobile Number registration, and use your existing Facebook account to register on Instagram. Just tap “Connect with Facebook”, and Instagram will automatically ask you to sign in to Facebook if it’s not signed in already.

2. Add your full name and Password. Fill in your username name and password, and make sure the password you are going to use is the one you can easily remember. You must enter the password twice for its confirmation.

3. Click “Next”. Make sure you check the password and the username you used before clicking “Next”. If you are comfortable with the details you used and you are very sure they are all correct, you can proceed by clicking “Next” to finish the registration. After tapping the “Next” or “Registration” button, a message will appear asking you to confirm the validity of the e-mail address you entered. Kindly go to your email box and click on the link attached to the email sent to you and Confirm.

4. Add a profile photo. Your Instagram account is all set up, now you have to add a profile photo. You can import one from your mobile photo gallery. You can let Instagram search among your Facebook friends or your address book contacts to find who is using the service. If you’ve decided to skip these two steps (which I do not recommend), Instagram will offer you a list of account suggestions so you can take your first steps on the social network. After choosing from these profiles, the ones you want to follow, tap the “Done” button. Congratulations, you have now opened your Instagram account.


To Sign In on Instagram is quite simple. Simply follow the Instagram Link if you are using a Computer or click on the Instagram application from your Smartphone (Android or iPhone) device to log in.

1. Enter the mobile number, username or email of your IG account
2. Then you fill in your Password.
3. And Click on “Log in”

You will be redirected immediately to your Instagram page.